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Merzia’s story was really inspiring. Motorcycle is definitely a low-cost option for people......


Dear Ed,

Thank you for the article “Making the world a safer place” (May 10)! Universities must be appreciated for organizing such programmes. We all need to learn why gender equality is important so that we could take concrete steps to end discrimination toward women and provide equal opportunities for education and employment.

Merzia’s story was really inspiring. Motorcycle is definitely a low-cost option for people; for girls who commute daily and can’t afford cabs, motorcycle is a great option. Another thing that I really liked is Merzia’s approach to convincing her parents. She didn’t rush and took a year to convince her parents. Other parts of the story were also quite useful.

Keep highlighting such informative university events.

Amna Hafeez, Karachi

Hi Eddy,

“Ramazan Delights” was a fun read! Who doesn’t enjoy reading recipes while fasting? Roasted pepper dip is now definitely on my list of cooking adventures!

Samina Kausar, Lahore

Salam Ed,

I am so happy that “Poets’ Corner” has become a regular session. I will admit I am a bit lazy when it comes to reading articles and feature stories, but I enjoy reading poetry. And I only get Us magazine for poetry; when I don’t find “Poet’s Corner”, I feel disappointed. Please make poetry section a nonnegotiable part of Us magazine.

Burhan Nawaz, Rawalpindi


Narrated by Talha bin Ubaidullah

A man from Najd with unkempt hair came to Allah’s Apostle (S.A.W) and we heard his loud voice but could not understand what he was saying, till he came near and then we came to know that he was asking about Islam. Allah’s Apostle said, “You have to offer prayers perfectly five times in a day and night (24 hours).” The man asked, “Is there any more (praying)?” Allah’s Apostle replied, “No, but if you want to offer the Nawafil prayers (you can).” Allah’s Apostle further said to him: “You have to observe fasts during the month of Ramad, an.” The man asked, “Is there any more fasting?” Allah’s Apostle replied, “No, but if you want to observe the Nawafil fasts (you can.)” Then Allah’s Apostle further said to him, “You have to pay the Zakat (obligatory charity).” The man asked, “Is there anything other than the Zakat for me to pay?” Allah’s Apostle replied, “No, unless you want to give alms of your own.” And then that man retreated saying, “By Allah! I will neither do less nor more than this.” Allah’s Apostle said, “If what he said is true, then he will be successful (i.e. he will be granted Paradise).”

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 2, Number 44


Lubna Khalid

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