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Fri, 02, 19

O and A Level students would not be required to seek an equivalence certificate from Inter-Board....

Equivalence certificate no longer required

O and A Level students would not be required to seek an equivalence certificate from Inter-Board Committee Chairman of education boards. HEC informed the court about the change of rule during a hearing of a petition challenging the condition of seeking an equivalence certificate from the education board in addition to the attestation of degrees from HEC.

The rule had been changed for the benefit of students and would be applicable across the country.


Pride of Pakistan

Pakistan for women: Stories of women who have achieved something extraordinary is the first of its kind in Pakistan. It’s about more than 50 real stories of amazing Pakistani women. These women are from all walks of life from mountaineers to astrophysicists to educators, and the book is designed to inspire girls and help them understand the importance of women empowerment and feminism.


Knowledge is power

Government of Pakistan is building multi-million dollar Oxford-style “Namal Knowledge City” in Mianwali. Namal College was founded 11 years ago and at that time it was affiliated with University of Bradford.

Namal Knowledge City will include academic blocks, knowledge center, sports complex, hospital, parks, technology, business centers, shopping malls, dairy farm, resorts, software houses, hotels, primary school and teachers’ colony.


Say no to child marriage

The Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights Wednesday has approved a draft bill, which sought to amend the Child Marriage Restraint Act, raising minimum age of marriage to 18 years.