Sadaf Kanwal: unconventionally gorgeous

Fri, 02, 18

Devil wears Prada and The forty rules of love.......


Date of birth and star

29th August, Leo

Your favourite movie and book

Devil wears Prada and The forty rules of love

Your room is full of

Shoes, perfumes and comfy pillows

Your most precious possession is

My family

Five things you cannot live without

Phone, lip balm, laptop, my watch and wallet

The funniest thing you have heard about yourself

That I’m married and have three kids!

Three things you like best and worst about yourself?

My compassion for others, my work ethics and determination. I don’t like the fact that I get lazy sometimes, and lack confidence

What does the world need more of/less of

More of good-hearted and honest individuals and less of our corrupt politicians

Advice to younger self

Go easy on those eyebrows and lipstick

Person you admire or look up to

Nabila, hands down

Success is ...

Stability, happiness, passion and hard work

One thing you look for in your workspace

Being comfortable with everyone

The biggest sacrifice you’ve made in your career

Spending more time working than being with family

A fear that keeps you up at night

Shooting in cold/snow (not a big fan of the winter season)

What’s the first thing you do every morning to start your day on the right foot

Drink water

In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up

I remember the motivational words of my late dad, and look at how far I’ve come in life. Then I feel grateful, which automatically boosts me up

A lesson you’ve learned in this profession

Never trust anybody, and quality - rather than quantity - goes a long way

Best piece of advice you were given when you were starting ou,t and by whom

By Nabila. It was: learn to stand out in the crowd and be humble always.

Your no-fail go-to when you need inspiration

Ohh.. Vogue magazines or top model shows

If you were magically given three more hours per day, what would you do with them

Sleep, exercise, cook and spend time with my family

Funny incident on shoot

Haha, too many! Once the dress got torn badly on a shoot and I had to pin it up like crazy

Your makeup pouch contains

Blush, lip stain, concealer and mascara

Tips on how to carry oneself with grace and style

Just be comfortable with what you wear and create your own style

Can you recommend any institution for formal schooling for modelling or acting either in Pakistan or abroad?

I honestly don’t know, but there are many abroad, especially in the USA and UK

Advice to aspiring models and actors

Work hard, and don’t take the easy route.

Being famous also means odd work hours, lack of privacy, etc. How do you handle that?

I am where I am because of other people, so I’m eternally grateful, and with that mindset you can balance everything

- SZ