By S. K
Fri, 02, 18

And there is another sunshine,Though it be darkness there;

Poems forever

There is another sky

There is another sky,

Ever serene and fair,

And there is another sunshine,

Though it be darkness there;

Never mind faded forests, Austin,

Never mind silent fields -

Here is a little forest,

Whose leaf is ever green;

Here is a brighter garden,

Where not a frost has been;

In its unfading flowers

I hear the bright bee hum:

Prithee, my brother,

Into my garden come!

By Emily Dickinson

Your trembling gab, a giveaway

By Suhd Nazeer

Music moaned with string quartet,

We were sitting in the balcony,

Everything was civil, the opera;

our hearts, like all things dangerous

tend to be civil at the beginning,

echoing with whispers weak, soon

the pace was set, as if by the warmth

of her hand or the colour in her cheeks matched

with that of her lips, bassoons and clarinets

rose in the air, at that very moment

had her hand, even by accident, slipped

away from mine, I would have died

with a whimper.

Bold strokes of percussion were accompanied

with cello, our hearts were palpitating

with passion, she leaned,

It was French cologne, and said,

“Beethoven knows about our secret.”

Glimpses of life

By Shafi Rehman

My footsteps of journey are drenching in sorrows

To turn my dreams into blissful tomorrow

I know that life is pain with or without gain

I don’t know how to sweep pass this rain

The darkness of woods surrounded by silence

and the misty fog covering the buried voilence

Drops of blood and tears are imprinted on my hand

When will I pass through this barren land?

The swift and soft air of the night

I am standing near at the top of my height

When will you see my glimpses of life?

These shadows are speaking about my strife

This poor girl wants to escape

By Faiza Nasir

Brazen wind blowing her hair,

Crispy leaves crackling in her ears,

The sunlight faded into the moonlight’s,

To evoke her deep in gloom.

Staring above at the lyre of the stars,

Dreams appeared and passed away,

Inside the crumbled castle of her heart,

The ghosts of past awakened.

Her soul is black as black as the night,

She, in the lurch of her terrible plight,

Amidst the days gone and come,

A part of her is whirling alone.

Somewhere on a lonely boulevard,

She found herself in a frigid dusk,

Her eyes are cold as cold as snow,

Divulging the reason for her fiery heart,

Oh, this poor girl wants to escape......

Oh, this poor girl wants to escape.......

Spell of love

By Zarmeen Khalid

I can see through the haze

Through mighty peaks shrouded with murk

As winds gust in low spirits,

Promulgating the tangible tales of hope

I see the buds of compassion sprouting

Breathing passions despite the woes

I sense the longings from within

Cocooning in warmth, the inner cold

Do you perceive what I behold?

The transformations of miracle and chaos.

My barren heart knows the joy of lush

The fancy lands won’t be a tint of loss, anymore.

What else is luxury of the impassioned?

Burning to ashes, rising to holocaust!

A spell of Love.

Compiled by SK

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