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Fri, 05, 23

I wish schools will do something about it and take it as a serious thing....

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Hi Ed,

This week’s edition (28 April) of Us magazine was interesting and I liked almost every part of it. The cover story ‘Breaking the silence’ by Muhammad Majid Shafi was about mental health and it’s great that you are highlighting this major aspect of problems faced by the youth. ‘Poems Forever’ section in the Poets’ Corner had that beautiful poem by Saadi Shirazi that still feels so relevant after all these centuries. Moreover, ‘Bullying - a serious problem’ by Zahra Zafar was a thought-provoking read. It was a good mix of sarcasm amalgamated with wit and facts. She is a very talented writer, and I really hope she will write more. Although I have never been bullied, I have seen it happening to others and I know it’s horrible. I wish schools will do something about it and take it as a serious thing.

Asma Majid, Lahore

Hello Team Us

I really liked the cover story ‘Breaking the silence’ by Muhammad Majid Shafi. It really focused on how mental health problems are arising day by day in Pakistan. I hope you will add more of these stories in future. I love these types of stories.

Muhammad Talha Attari,


Dear Ed,

‘Us on Campus’ has been missing for a while now. I used to enjoy the interviews of deans and VCs, and other articles related to education and problems students face. Ed, in Us Talk the addition of brief information about the celebrity has made the interviews more interesting.

Sarah Khan, Karachi


Lubna Khalid


Sameen Amer

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