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I am not strong like the guys who are so mean to me; they are twice my size, and I don’t know what to do. Help me, please....


Dear Guru,

I am a 14-year-old, 1X grader. I am on the shorter side and also have a couple of medical problems, so I am not very strong. My teachers like me because I am a good student. The problem is there are two boys in my class who dislike me because I always stand first in class. Few days back they attacked me in the washroom and would have beaten me badly but luckily the sweeper came inside. They pinch me painfully when no one is looking. They break my things and snatch my money and snacks from me. In the last term, they even tore my exercise book just before the Maths exam. I can’t tell anyone because they have threatened to break my bones if I tell anyone. After the washroom incident, I was so scared that I didn’t go to school for two days; I just told my mother I had diarrhoea. I am very scared and don’t know what to do. I am not strong like the guys who are so mean to me; they are twice my size, and I don’t know what to do. Help me, please.

Scared Boy

Dear Scared Boy,

You are a victim of bullying, which is a big problem in educational institute. Bullying can affect children so much that sometimes they refuse to go to school. However, you found the courage to go back to school despite a harrowing incident after two days, which means you are stronger than you believe. You just have to learn how to deal with the bullies. First of all, try to avoid the two bullies when you are alone. When you go out for any reason, make sure you have a friend with you. If you still find yourself waylaid by them alone, be brave and tell them loudly to stop. If you can’t do that, run away to a crowded place.

Work on your physical fitness by getting more exercise. Eat healthy food to get stronger. Bullies like reaction to their threats, so try to ignore them as best as you can.

Since you have medical problems, don’t fight with them, and don’t hit them back; it can be dangerous because you might get hurt. You’re also likely to get in trouble. It’s best to stay with others to stay safe.

Bullies are easily cowed when confronted by someone stronger, so it is of utmost importance to tell your parents and teachers about these boys. My dear, they threatened to break your bones if you tell anyone because they are scared; chances are if you tell your teachers, they will be punished according to school rules. If you don’t want to tell your teachers, talk to your parents who can speak to school authorities. Good luck

Dear Guru,

I am a 17-year-old girl. I love my eldest brother’s friend who is 29. Unfortunately, he is engaged to his cousin. I know I shouldn’t like someone who is engaged, but he is so handsome that I can’t help it. Should I ask if he likes his fiancée? Guru, many a time guys are forced to marry their cousins by their parents, which is so unfair! The problem is he treats me like a kid! Once my driver was on leave and I had to go somewhere, my mother asked him to drop me. I thanked him and he said I was just like his sister and shouldn’t thank him. I am confused. Should I ask him, or not?

Girl in Love

Dear Girl in Love,

This guy is 12 years older than you, so it is not surprising he treats you like his younger sister. Whether he likes his fiancée or not is besides the point because, to him, you are the kid sister of his friend, and so he also treats you as his sister. My dear, it is possible that you are not in love with him, and it is just attraction you feel towards him. If you ask him, he will be embarrassed because he has already told you he considers you like a sister. So, concentrate on your studies because right now you are too young to fix your interest on someone. You will get to meet many eligible bachelors and have the time to wait for the one you really would like to get married to. Best of luck

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