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Fri, 01, 23

I don’t want her to feel embarrassed. Is there a nice way to suggest to her to use deodorant or body mist?


I have an issue with my class fellow

Salam Guru,

I am an 18-year-old college going girl. I belong to a middle-class family. I love the way you solve teenagers’ problems. My problem is related to my class fellow, K. She sits next to me in the class. I don’t mind her sitting with me as she is really a nice person, but sometimes she does not smell good. I think she does not use deodorant. Guru, I don’t want to be rude to her but I don’t know how to tell her to be careful about her personal hygiene. I don’t want her to feel embarrassed. Is there a nice way to suggest to her to use deodorant or body mist? Concerned T

Dear Concerned T,

Sadly, not many people realise how important personal hygiene is. Good personal hygiene is important for both health and social reasons. Since it involves washing your body every day and using deodorant, it reduces the chances of body odour and thus any chances of embarrassment at work or at college. I think your class fellow is clueless of her body odour. I think it will be rude on your part if you tell her that she smells. She will feel bad and her feelings may get hurt. So, if you don’t want to hurt her feelings then the best way to send the message across is to gift her a deodorant or body mist. Tell her casually that you have bought two, one for yourself and one for her. In this way she won’t feel bad and will happily start using deodorant and hopefully will not smell bad. Good luck!

I am so petite

Dear Guru,

I am a 21-year-old girl but I am not happy with my looks. Actually, I am quite thin and I look like a teenager. People assume that I am 16 or 17 because of my physique. I graduated last year and I recently got engaged. My fiancé, F, is a family friend and is well settled. He likes me a lot as I happen to have a pretty face. But the problem is that F is quite tall, but I am only 5’2”. Guru, I am very worried. How will I look with my fiancé? F has no problem with my short height. He says he has accepted me with the way I look. But, Guru, I am not satisfied. Is there a way to gain weight or to look a bit taller? Pretty and Petite

Dear Pretty and Petite,

You are blessed with a good life, and there is nothing wrong with you. You are a normal, healthy girl and you should not worry about your weight or height. In fact, it’s good that you look younger than your age. I think it’s in your genes, so be happy to have a slim structure. There are girls who are in constant misery because of their weight, but you are naturally blessed. In our society 5’2” inches is considered acceptable height for girls, so don’t worry about your height. You are not short. Well, yes, you can always wear high heels when going out with F to look taller. But don’t make it a habit to wear heels all the time as it might be harmful for your feet. You should feel happy that you have a man in your life who is loving and is not bothered about your weight or height, so stop worrying about things which are not in your control and start enjoying life. Good luck!

Sad endings make me sentimental

Dear Guru,

I am a 14-year-old girl. I study in class nine in a prestigious school. I really like your column. My problem is that I happen to be a very sensitive and emotional girl. I am into reading but whenever I read a book with a sad ending, I go into a sombre mood for days and cannot concentrate on my studies, either. I have tried everything to distract my mind but nothing happens. Please help me. Emotional Girl

Dear Emotional Girl,

You are too young to stay depressed. This is your age to play and have fun in life. My only advice to you is to stay away from reading tragedies. Don’t read literature which makes you sad. If you are interested in reading then try to read something light like comics. Start reading Archie comic series, it will make you laugh and you will start feeling good about life.

Good luck!