We need visionaries

By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar
Fri, 12, 22

Today, the youth know a lot about new career paths and are pursuing them confidently....

We need visionaries


Young people need to learn how to build their future, as it is the youth that are the architects of their society’s future. It is important, therefore, that they foresee themselves as professionals. Gone are the days when children were compelled to become doctors and engineers. Today, the youth know a lot about new career paths and are pursuing them confidently.

It was not easy to change the mindset of those adults who lived through the era when engineering and medicine were the two main disciplines one could pursue. The advancements in technology have revolutionised the world. We are witnessing a demand for skills that were not even present a decade ago. In 2011, who would have thought that people in 2022 would pursue jobs such as social media influencers, blockchain analysts, podcast producers, cloud architects, etc?

One commonality among all professions is the propensity for curiosity. One has to remain inquisitive. There is no other route to personal growth and development.

Our educational system should be revamped according to the global standards and future demands. We cannot have students rote learn concepts and equations to pass their examinations for the sake of earning a degree. They should be well-informed about advancements in science, technology, business management and allied disciplines.

The World Science Day for Peace and Development - which is observed on November 10 - reflects on the continuous perusal of plans, goals and actions that enhance the awareness of science.

Skills development is the key to progress in today’s era. Companies in the technology sector are hiring human resources based on the skills they possess and can use on the job. A master’s degree is only a license for the student to apply for a job. Skills, on the other hand, empowers people to earn revenue, even from an early age.

Freelancing has now become a source of income for millions of people worldwide. They learn skills and provide services to the target audience across the world.

The youth of Pakistan must pledge to become lifelong learners. Continuous learning will enable the youth to accept global trends and adapt accordingly.

Educators and institutions should make sure that students are taught courses to develop and enhance skills in communication, teamwork, business acumen, self-motivation, management, critical thinking and problem-solving. As a society we must have a vision for the future to move forward and progress as society.

The writer is a fiction writer, columnist and author of Divided Species – a sci-fi story set in Karachi