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Baluch Twins to perform online via Salt Arts, today

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Sat, 03, 20

As COVID-19 cases rise and the public is urged by the authorities as well as many of their favourite artists to stay at home, practice self-isolation and social distancing along with washing hands, and several other small but important practices to follow, the mood is an aberration; something that many have never experienced before.

During these strange times, where an infectious virus has affected thousands of people and led to many unfortunate deaths, the music industry is doing its bit, at home and abroad. While someone like John Legend and Coldplay have endorsed virtual gigs, the idea is not lost at home.

In the past few days, Hamza Akram Qawaal (presented by Salt Arts), Ali Sethi and Ali Hamza have held gigs. But since the lockdown and these practices are not over just yet, neither are the gigs.

Today, that is Saturday, March 28, the unbelievably talented Baluch Twins will perform live from Lyari (Karachi), courtesy of Salt Arts.

Baluch Twins opened the multiple acts Super Salt 2019 where they proved to be one of the better performers. The upcoming gig, featuring the two boys from Lyari, will begin at 10 pm and going by Salt Arts’ reputation of beginning shows on time, the smart play will be to log on, on time. These guys are not just talented; they are solid performers so watch out.