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Maria B. and husband held accountable for mishandling COVID-19 suspect

Instep Today
Thu, 03, 20

Earlier this week, renowned designer Maria B.’s husband Tahir Saeed was arrested around 12:30 am when over 20 police officers raided their house, according to an emotionally charged video Maria B. posted after the arrest. The couple had apparently sent their cook, who tested positive for coronavirus, back home to Vehari; they were accused of letting him go and that too via public transport instead of providing him with appropriate healthcare.

The husband returned home within a day, after Maria B. appealed to the Prime Minister and other authorities, who she thanked later in another video. She and her husband recorded a 10-minute long video explaining what went down and that they shouldn’t have been held accountable in the first place.

Informing that husband Tahir Saeed has tested negative for coronavirus, which apparently has nothing to do with the allegation we suppose, the two informed that the cook insisted on going back. They realized his family would be better able to take care of him and it was important to send him away also for the safety of their own kids. However, according to them, the cook didn’t travel via public transport and they give him extra money to travel solo, in addition to some guidelines.

While a few people are defending Maria B and her husband, a majority of observers are upset and are holding the couple accountable on several accounts. One, their criminal negligence on allowing their corona-positive cook to leave the house without informing authorities; two, using their position and privilege to get out of a situation that should have had more serious repercussions. The fact that Maria B emphasized that they were targeted because they were celebrities just added to the already distasteful situation.