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Kashan Admani discusses Acoustic Station

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Mon, 02, 20

Since launching last year, the music project has released a number of beautiful acoustic songs featuring the likes of Kashmir and Chand Tara Orchestra (among others). The music producer-guitarist explains the ethos behind the show.

By the time you read this, it is possible that another act has worked with Acoustic Station, and a music video has been dropped.

Having said that, since Acoustic Station arrived (with an event introducing the project to industry experts), it has consistently released new music.

We are no longer on the precipice of losing new music. If anything, multiple projects, ranging from Nescafe Basement to Pepsi Battle of the Bands to Acoustic Station, Big Foot Music, Aleph Studio and Saad Sultan’s In The Box – all point towards releasing new music.

Add to it Mekaal Hasan’s initiative, the little festival called Koblumpi and Saif Samejo’s Lahooti Melo where indigenous artists share the same space as SomeWhatSuper and Soul Potion (one half of FDVM, Victorien Mulliez), we are beginning to see festivals that cater to different audiences across cities. Aleph, for instance, provides artists like Malang Party, Takatak, Mauj and several others a world-class facility to record their music.

But coming back to Acoustic Station, since arriving with their first season, they’ve dropped songs from Muhammad Zubair (‘Maaloom Hai’), Tamaasha (‘Faaslay’), Chand Tara Orchestra (‘Andaaz-e-Guftgoo’; a personal favourite), Shallum Xavier/Zeeshan Ali (‘Sukh’), Rusted Roses (‘Cut Me’), Hamza Akram Qawwal (‘Karde Karam [Arzoo Daram’]), Nida Hussain (‘Jee Loon’), Latif Ali Khan (‘Lolak’), Maha Ali Kazmi (‘Sahibo’) and Kashmir (‘Soch’).

The one key feature in all the songs is the acoustic factor and there’s something very special about listening to acoustic music. But to invest in the idea is another thing all together. Even as we have and will continue to review the songs – in another story – the motivation behind this initiative does pique one’s curiosity.

But speaking to Instep, Kashan Admani elaborated why he launched the project. “I wanted to bring out original music in a format that other platforms aren’t doing, which is unplugged music!” began Kashan, before adding, “Generally, people perform famous cover songs in an unplugged format but I felt the need of an unplugged format for original music. I felt that not many platforms are available for genuine artists to bring out well produced music hence we went ahead and created Acoustic Station.”

He further reiterated that it isn’t about big bucks. When asked whether the idea is to make money via Internet, Kashan explains, “It’s doesn’t pay unless you reach a certain threshold! We are trying to help push Pakistani music and artists without a brand. It’s for the good of the music scene.”