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The Koblumpi Music Festival announces more artists

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By NewsBytes
Wed, 01, 20

February is definitely proving to be a month of music festivals, each creating space for music. With Lahore Music Meet 2020, now in its fifth iteration, scheduled to take place on the 1st and 2nd of this month to be followed by The Koblumpi Music Festival, scheduled to take place on the 9th of February in Islamabad, the month will probably conclude with Lahooti Music Melo, set to take place on the 14, 15 and 16 of the month in Jamshoro. It is the month for music fans to pay attention.

Having previously announced artists who would be performing such as Saakin, Sikandar Ka Mandar, Haniya Aslam, Karakoram, Maanu, Takatak, Ali Suhail, Natasha Noorani and Poor Rich Boy, The Koblumpi Music Festival, has extended its playing bill.

Apart from the abovementioned, artists like Uzair Jaswal, Mughal-e-Funk, Ali Noor, Jasim and the Pindi Boys, Natasha Humera Ejaz and the Mekaal Hasan Band will be taking centerstage as well.

The Koblumpi Festival, having had its debut edition in Lahore, is the brainchild of musician Mekaal Hasan, event-organiser Mehreen Rana in partnership with Lotus PR. It is established as an artist-driven festival that aims to connect creators of original music to their core audience and build on it.

Artists performing have been asked to showcase original content; the idea is therefore to create a community support for young as well as mainstream artists with potential fans. It is a family-event. As for curation, the festival curates its performers based on their track record of creating fresh music. The curation process is about new ideas. “The artists curated could be writing the soundtrack of the future,” noted Mekaal Hasan, festival chief who has prior experience in doing festivals such as the monolithic I Am Karachi Music Festival as well as participating in festivals abroad.