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It’s a wrap for The Window, confirms director Ammar Lasani

Instep Today
By Maria Shirazi
Fri, 01, 20

Filmmaking duo Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia, whose cinematic debut Gumm released last year, are all geared up for the release of their second film, titled The Window.

Recently, director Ammar Lasani took to social media to confirm that the team has wrapped up the last leg of the movie. “And it’s a wrap!” he wrote on his official Facebook handle. “Here is a thumbs-up for my entire team and everybody involved to have accompanied us in this rollercoaster ride. Thank you all,” he added.

Instep got in touch with Ammar Lasani to know what the project has in store for the audiences. “We are done with the shoot and for now all I can say is that The Window is a heart touching story and will surely intrigue the viewers.”

Talking to Instep about the release of The Window, Ammar Lasani revealed that though they haven’t finalized the actual dates as yet, they are planning to release it this year. “The release date will be announced soon InshaAllah,” said Lasani adding that the film will definitely hit the local cinemas as well.

The upcoming film, co-written by Ammar and Kanza, along with screenwriter, producer, and president of Three Feather Pictures, Randy Zuniga, features Pakistani-American actor Faran Tahir, Suhaee Abro of My Pure Land fame as well as veteran actor Faysal Qureshi and Sami Khan.