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Bayaan release the music video for ‘Bekhabar’

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Tue, 12, 19

Bayaan, the winning group in season 3 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands (2018) performed a song called ‘Bekhabar’ in season 4 (2019). Now, the band is back with a Pepsi-sponsored music video of the same song.

The music video is decent enough and complements the song, which is the most important thing. On one hand, we see Bayaan performing but it is interspersed with a narrative that the band perhaps wants to push forward.

A young man wakes up, looks in the mirror, takes his guitars and a friend picks him up on his motorbike. Posters of Bayaan are stuck on walls and the band is in a van ready to do their thing with product placement of course as the vocalist takes a swig from Pepsi.

The narrative of the young man continues who is singing the song the band is also going to be playing; i.e, ‘Bekhabar’ as he walks through small lanes and old streets. The young man and his friends are soon going to head to the gig while we see the band’s members – all of them – come one after the other singing the lyrics of the song and playing their instruments. Eventually the concert stars and the young man not only makes it but is invited onstage by the band except he imagined it but still he’s happy to be at the concert.

Though the music video is directed by Ali Sattar, it brings to mind Noori’s ‘Suno Ke Main Hoon Jawan’ music video where instead of one guy, there are several people but the gist is somewhat similar. After ‘Saqi-e-Bawafa’ (Saakin) and ‘Ghussay Vich’ (RockLite), somehow you expect more from Ali Sattar. With this video, you are just taken aback, wondering if it’s the same director and how this video compares to his other, much more superior works. – Maheen Sabeeh