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Taamasha release music video for 'Roshni'

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Mon, 12, 19

"The bands are back" slogan is obviously misleading because contrary to the belief of corporate companies, bands have always existed. Pepsi Battle of the Bands has simply thrust them into the national spotlight while providing them the opportunity to make videos, play at local gigs with the winner and the runner-up also receiving a monetary sum.

But Pepsi seems to be improving on its mistakes each season. Having released music videos for E Sharp's 'O Shabana (The Anthem of Shabana)' and Kashmir's 'Parwana Hun', Pepsi has released the music video for Taamasha’s famous track, 'Roshni'.

The futuristic music video has a strong narrative. The year is 2545; mankind lives on stars and five astronauts are on a mission to restore the atmospheric filter of one planet and the code name for the mission is 'Roshni'.

The guitar-loving Taamasha have stepped out of their comfort zone for this video, not just as an idea but given the dedication while the audio is nothing like the Taamasha sound we’ve grown to admire and enjoy. This ain’t ‘Paisa Phaink, this is Taamasha going a step further than they have ever gone and its delightful to see them try and make such an effort. Think modern day Star Trek (minus the aliens) or The Martian mixed with homegrown rock and you’ll get the drift. This music video is worth watching because even as the song is 'Roshni', it sounds crisper, cleaner and fits the visuals quite nicely. Boys played well.