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“People in Pakistan showered so much love” says Sunny Deol

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Fri, 11, 19

Bollywood actor and BJP parliamentarian, Sunny Deol recently visited Pakistan to attend the inauguration of the Kartarpur Corridor, on the occasion of the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak.

The actor, while talking to the Indian media after his return, revealed that he’s overwhelmed with all the love he received during his visit to Pakistan. “It was a great visit to Pakistan. People in Pakistan showered so much love. This is the new beginning for peace and I want everyone to stay together with it,” said Deol.

He further shared, “This is a great initiative for both countries. What benefit could war bring to India or Pakistan? There should be love only.” Moreover, Sunny Deol told the Indian media that a really good thing has been initiated by both sides. “I hope that it stays this way and we can coexist with love and kindness...”

Before coming for the inauguration ceremony, the BJP MP had said, “If I won’t go, who will? I’ll definitely go. It is my area and my home.”

We wonder if Sunny Deol regrets doing all the anti-Pakistan films that decorate his career and whether he would agree to yet another one if offered.