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Ruswai’s latest episode leaves viewers in tears

Instep Today
Thu, 10, 19

Sana Javed of Khaani fame is starring in a new drama serial Ruswai that tackles the subject of rape. Presently on air, the most recent episode was loaded with emotions and has touched the hearts of many. Social media is flooded with reviews suggesting that the intense episode left many in tears.

Five episodes into the drama, Ruswai follows the story of Sameera (Sana) who is a doctor by profession and is married to her love interest, Salman, played by Mikaal Zulfiqar, who is a pilot. In the recent episode, we learn that she has been a victim of rape, probably gang rape, after she was kidnapped by a group of men on the street. While she returns all traumatized and in pain and her family is in distress, her husband doesn’t see her.

Upon gaining consciousness, Sameera bursts at her father for saving his friend’s daughter and daughter-in-law to be rather than protecting her. Her father, essayed by Mohammad Ahmed – whose performance gave viewers goosebumps – admitted that he preferred someone else’s daughter over his own.

Sana Javed as Sameera is quite convincing while Seemi Raheel’s performance took our breaths away; Osama Tahir as Sameera’s brother Hamza and Mikaal Zulfiqar as Salman too delivered heartfelt performances. It was certainly one of the most heart-wrenching episodes on TV lately.