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Asma Nabeel announces her next film, Fly

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Wed, 10, 19

In a conversation with Instep, the scriptwriter shares that the upcoming film is a love story while it will also touch upon taboo topics.

Producer-scriptwriter Asma Nabeel, who has multiple TV scripts to her name (Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, Khaani, Dil Kiya Karay), recently launched her book Beydari, in collaboration with Beo Zafar. She received appreciation for her recently concluded drama serial Surkh Chandni that followed the life of an acid attack survivor.

A breast cancer survivor (“warrior”), Asma hinted in an earlier interview with Instep that she plans to pen her own story someday. It seems like she decided to write one sooner than later and what could be a better time to announce it than in October, which is the Breast Cancer Awareness month?

Last weekend, Asma took to social media and announced her upcoming film, titled Fly, in an attempt to contribute more to the cause she has been associated with.

Speaking to Instep about the film, Asma revealed, “Fly is not a film; for me it’s a dream and passion work. When I started writing the script, a lot of people said that you should work on something which is more commercial. But I did what my heart said since I believe it’s the story that will touch viewers’ heart. And when it touches the heart, I think it’s a success.”

“I tried to craft a love story that will melt hearts and simultaneously address the untapped and un-talked-about taboo issues,” she continued, adding that she is very hopeful that this film will be an extremely positive addition to the Pakistani cinema scene. “I hope that more and more females and people who matter come and join this film. It is also important to highlight that in almost all the departments of the film, we have female heads. So, women have come together to empower other women.”

Asma credits her cancer days for giving so much power to her pen and she wants to pay tribute to the toughest days of her life. She wants to spread more awareness on the rather “taboo” subject of breast cancer and that is what triggered to start her film, Fly. It is dedicated to all the females and breast cancer warriors; it aims to support them and help them fight their battle against this brutal disease.

Fly will be produced under Crew Motion Pictures Production while the cast and other details will be announced shortly.