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Winter is Coming: Poor Rich Boy to release third album

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Wed, 10, 19

Producer and composer Zain Ahsan to release solo album as singles, beginning this winter.

Poor Rich Boy, presently on their third album, is set to release its newest music this winter. Their third album – after Old Money and We Are Your Friends – Almost Tuesday will not only be bilingual but according to music composer and producer Zain Ahsan will feature many names from the indie circuit.

Speaking to Instep at length, Zain said, “For the past six months or so I haven’t picked up any production gigs and am [totally] focusing on my music. During this time I’ve composed 2 albums worth of songs, out of which the ones that resonated with my band-mate Umer Khan aka Duck have made it to the new Poor Rich Boy record.”

In 2019, Poor Rich Boy released Urdu tracks such as ‘Kaghazi’ and ‘Samandar Ki Teh Mein’ with ‘Kaghazi’ gaining momentum as an organic hit.

He further shared, “The rest of them will be released as my side project to which I still don’t have a name for. Suggestions appreciated. During this time, I’ve worked with a number of musicians that I am highly fond of. Some of which are Umer Ahmed, Gentle Robot, Ali Suhail, Janoobi Khargosh, Daud Ramay, Misbah Uddin and Umair Ahmed. We (PRB) have also been working on a song with Wooly and the Ukulele, which we should release by the end of next week; we’re very excited about it.”

Wooly and the Ukulele and Poor Rich Boy’s upcoming song is a collaborative effort while Zain Ahsan has also been working on his solo album. “I’m waiting for it to get cold to release it; they’ve got that winter songs feel.”

On his solo album, Zain is trying out some new singers and has sung some songs himself with some instrumentals also a part of the album. The solo record also features Umer Ahmed as does the PRB album. The solo album will release, according to Zain Ahsan, over the course of the next 9 months as singles.

Noted Zain Ahsan, “Along with these new songs, we will finally be releasing the rest of the songs from Almost Tuesday by December 25, 2019. This album has featured almost everyone from the indie circuit of musicians although Sameer Ahmed and Ibrahim Akram have played on the entire record as the rhythm section. I guess Poor Rich Boy has morphed into a collaborative project amongst all the independent artist of our country.”