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Mirage releases new single ‘Befiker’ from album Doosri Dastak

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By NewsBytes
Tue, 06, 19

Known for its fun and energetic live act, pop-rock band Mirage has been active in the local music scene since 2003. Recently, the band has released their new single ‘Befiker’, a desi funk-rock song, from their second album, Doosri Dastak.

With composition and vocals by Saad Hayat (who also features on keys) and Rehan Nazim (who has composed the melody along with penning the lyrics), ‘Befiker’ features Mohsin Raza Shah on guitars, Bradley D’Souza on bass and guitars and Ajay Harri on drums.

According to the press release, the song has been “written, composed and shot keeping in mind a simple rule of life; live and let live – be carefree, live in the moment and follow your heart.”

The video for the new single, which is conceptualized and directed by Saad Hayat, has been shot at two different locations – Kiran Gali in Lyaari and Mubarak Village beach located along the shore of Arabian Sea in District West of Karachi.

Reflecting on bringing the song to life, Rehan Nazim and Saad Hayat shared in a press statement, “For the video, we collaborated with the Kiran Foundation. Kiran Gali had all these multi-colored buildings so we decided to shoot it over there. The opening shot is a one take which was pretty difficult to execute, given the circumstances at that time. During the chorus, there is a signature dance step that the band members perform.”

‘Befiker’ marks Mirage’s sixth release from their second album. Earlier, the band released ‘Barhe Chalo’, ‘Panchi’ featuring Coke Studio sensation Alycia Dias, ‘Pyar Hua’, ‘Ker Daalo Pakistan’ and ‘Zara Suniye Tou’.