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Hajra Yamin’s character in Naqab Zan to have multiple shifts

Instep Today
Thu, 05, 19

After playing an important, progressive role in the recently concluded social drama Baandi, TV and film actor Hajra Yamin is gearing up for another role. She will be essaying the role of Farhat, the eldest sibling in the family while the play, titled Naqab Zan, revolves around the theme of platonic relationships.

“The general expectation about eldest siblings is that they are always expected to be the responsible one, they are not normally given any room for a mistake and are supposed to set an example for their younger siblings,” Hajra shared with Instep. “But at the end of the day, they’re only human and there is only so much that one can take so, certain incidents in her life make her realize how in order to fulfil her expectations as the eldest sibling she has neglected her own self as well as her marriage, so this realization eventually transitions her life and personality.”

Hajra will be featured opposite Ali Abbas, with whom she is working for the third time.

Speaking of what made her agree to the role, the Pinky Memsaab actor noted, “The transitions in the character appealed to me; the director’s approach towards developing the story and the character was a factor as well. Adeel is an intelligent and passionate director, and working with him is such a treat. He focuses on details that we normally miss as actors, and keeps you well-knitted with the story.”

Directed by Adeel Siddiqui and written by Aamal Reza, Naqab Zan also features Ali Ansari, Saboor Aly, Wasim Abbas, Shaheen Khan, Amna Malik, Saher Ali, Ayesha Khan, Tabassum Arif and Khalid Zafer. –Buraq Shabbir