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Jessica Chastain partners with Ralph Lauren

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Tue, 04, 19

She’s not the only one but Molly’s Game star is certainly one of the most high profile names to partner with fashion designer Ralph Lauren on Ralph Lauren Fragrances for its new scent Woman Intense campaign. Attached with a short-film that features a number of prolific women, the campaign is about what issue they are intense about.

For Jessica Chastain that issue is gender parity. But speaking first about why the partnership is such an impeccable fit, the actress noted, “I’ve been such an outspoken actor when it comes to talking about parity and women’s equity in the workplace and women in leadership positions,” she said. “What’s incredible about this is it’s more than a perfume campaign or a fragrance. They are really taking a stance for advocating women in leadership and for women empowerment.”

Speaking further on the matter, Jessica noted, “It’s really meaningful. In the past, whenever you thought about images of cosmetics or fragrances, in some sense it was purely just a physical thing. It was part of an impossible vision of beauty. Fragrance is such a personal thing, and the wonderful thing about it is, it doesn’t matter what you look like. You know what I mean? There is something about the way that you feel when you have a fragrance, and the way that you feel is the most beautiful thing of all. For years, women have been buying cosmetics and buying fragrances, and to be a responsible party to say ‘What can we give back to this community that has supported us for years?’ I think is really special.”

Moving away from her collaboration with Ralph Lauren that also includes a bevy of other high profile names, Jessica Chastain also spoke about Game of Thrones and Killing Eve.

“I love Killing Eve. I think it’s incredible. I have a love-hate relationship with Game of Thrones, but I love it more than I hate it. When it first started out, I really didn’t like the way that women were portrayed. But now I really love seeing all these women come into their own and the power that they own. I love the character of Sansa Stark. I think Sophie [Turner] does such a great job playing her. I won’t say much for people who aren’t watching, but so many characters in the premiere said how she was the smartest person they know and how powerful she is. I so enjoy that.”