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Catching up with Nabeel Zuberi

Instep Today
By Maria Shirazi
Mon, 04, 19

The model turned actor talks to Instep about bagging a nomination for Suno Chanda in the Best Emerging Talent category at the upcoming Lux Style Awards 2019 and reprising his role in Suno Chanda 2.

Having started his career as a model in 2013, Nabeel Zuberi made his transition from modeling to acting in 2016 with Anjum Shahzad’s film Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay that marked his big screen debut. Almost a year later, in 2017, Zuberi appeared in drama serial Yaqeen Ka Safar that featured Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly in pivotal roles. However, it was the popular drama serial, Suno Chanda, which aired last year during the month of Ramazan that brought Nabeel Zuberi into the limelight. He essayed the role of Sherry in the play that starred singer and actor Farhan Saeed and the versatile Iqra Aziz in lead roles.

Nabeel has also bagged a nomination in the Best Emerging Talent category at the Lux Style Awards 2019 for his role in Suno Chanda.

“It feels great to be nominated and I’m most excited because it’s for Suno Chanda, as the play has given me a lot of recognition and love from all over the world,” Nabeel Zuberi told Instep in an exclusive interview.

Talking about other nominees in the category, he shared that everyone has their own talent and are well deserving which is why they have been nominated and acknowledged for their work.

When asked who he considers to be his biggest competition as far as the nominations are concerned, Nabeel said, “There’s no competition for me or for anyone as a matter of fact. I personally believe that you have to run your own race, select good scripts, go for substantial roles and work hard. I think your biggest competition is you, yourself.”

About the criticism and controversy that surfaced when Lux Style Awards nominations came out earlier this year, he shared that when it comes to awards, they always meet criticism. “However, in the end, whoever is nominated for LSA, we should cheer for them, own them and be united for the growth of our own media industry,” he asserted.

So, will Nabeel be reprising his role in Suno Chanda 2?

Nabeel confirmed that he will.

“The sequel will pick up from where we left it. The characterization will stay the same. You will see the same Sherry as his life continues after Jiya (Iqra Aziz) and Arsal (Farhan Saeed) get married,” he shared adding that Sherry is the most sober in the family and is always there whenever a problematic situation arises.

Nabeel, who entered in the TV industry after completing his Bachelor’s degree, also spoke about his upcoming projects. He informed that for now he is looking forward to Suno Chanda 2 and waiting for it to go on air. “Apart from this, I have one more project lined up right after Eid,” he revealed.

Given that television is more of a women’s domain, we asked Nabeel if he feels there is enough diversity for male actors.

He responded: “To be honest, men have a lot of diverse options, be it any kind of script. In fact, I think men and women are equal when it comes to television. It only depends on how strong the character is and how many people would relate to it and be emotionally connected to it.”

As far as movies are concerned, the model and actor believes that feature film is a big responsibility. “There is a movie in the pipeline. I was just waiting for good content/script to come my way. So, you will soon see me on the big screen once again.”

On a parting note, Nabeel shared that though he loves modeling and acting both but he is more passionate about acting and that we should watch out for more interesting projects he has on offer for fans.