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Iqra Aziz speaks up on marital abuse in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

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By NewsBytes
Sat, 04, 19

Drama serial, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, is one of the most popular dramas that are currently on-air these days. Written by Faiza Iftikhar and directed by Kashif Nisar, the play stars Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf in key roles. Iqra Aziz essays the character of Noori, who is married to Bhola, a mentally challenged young man (played by Imran Ashraf).

In episode 20 Bhola physically assaults his wife Noori, leaving her traumatized. Since then, the play has been receiving severe backlash for showing marital rape to be something ‘normal’. Though that episode suggested that it was the overdose of medications which motivated Bhola to attack and rape her, the lead actress of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Iqra Aziz has finally broken her silence the matter.

She took to her official Instagram handle and wrote, “One of the most pressing issues today that we don’t talk about is that we think of marriage as a binding contract to anything and everything. But marriage is based on trust and love and consent.”

She further went on to say, “Consent to live, to breathe, to be able to say no. I hope Noori and Bhola live happily ever after and let’s see how Noori tackles all the problems and Sahir in this situation.”