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Suno Chanda 2 to feature new characters

Instep Today
Sat, 04, 19

The popular drama serial, Suno Chanda, which aired last year during the month of Ramazan will be returning to the small screen with its sequel, titled Suno Chanda 2.

The play featured singer and actor Farhan Saeed and the versatile Iqra Aziz in lead roles. In the play Arsal (essayed by Farhan) and Ajiya (Iqra Aziz) keep arguing and teasing each other. And the duo will be seen reprising their roles as Arsal and Ajiya in Suno Chanda 2. According to recent reports, the upcoming season will have lots of new characters and more of Arsal and Ajiya’s bickering.

In a recent interview, Iqra revealed that the sequel is going to offer more laughter, love and that how difficult is it to sustain relationships. There are a lot of new characters, the family’s gotten even bigger. “I’m also waiting for it to release, just like you guys because even though we’re shooting, we don’t know what the sequel will turn out to be like. Last time also, I followed the entire season on television even though I was in it but still, I was following it like an audience [member],” she shared.

Suno Chanda 2 will air in Ramazan, that is, next month.