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Osama Com Laude on Coke Studio and Gully Boy

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Sat, 02, 19

Coke Studio is now in its 12th year and easily Pakistani music’s most coveted – albeit contested – property with the roles of producer, featured artist or house-band members having evolved into desired roles for a lot of musicians.

With multiple sources suggesting Coke Studio is going back to its roots, with Rohail Hyatt once again taking on the role of producer, the flak the show received seems to be disappearing.

One case in point is rapper Osama Karamat Ali, better known as Osama Com Laude (OCL).

In an extensive interview with Instep during which OCL spoke about both his capabilities as an artist and his limitations, noted that he’d be out of his depth on Coke Studio with a hybrid-folk collaboration. However, Osama was clear that he’s willing to do it and enter the Coke Studio roster if Rohail Hyatt was helming it.

Noted Osama, “But, if it were done right, with Rohail Hyatt back, I think we could create something special, given the opportunity.”

Osama Com Laude also lauded Bollywood for its upcoming film Gully Boy, in which Ranveer Singh plays an aspiring rapper. “The market for rap is expanding, especially with Gully Boy coming out. Of course, if Bollywood does it, people over here will pick it up as soon as possible. So, kudos to them for recognising their market and their talent and pushing it.”