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Women and the art of playing negative roles on TV

Instep Today
By Instep Desk
Fri, 11, 18

Instep lists down four actresses who depict villainous characters with great depth and skill.

Pakistani television plays have been ruling the entertainment industry on the whole given their intriguing plots and exceptional performances by the actors and actresses. The plays are usually family-centric and women always seem to play critical roles in them.

Though there still remains a strong presence of regressive female characters, we can’t deny the fact that our drama productions are evolving with time. Now more than ever, actresses can be seen portraying complicated, villainous roles with a dominant role in the story development. The credit goes to Pakistani scriptwriters who have started adding a layer of depth when it comes to roles for women.

Instep lists down four actresses who portray negative characters brilliantly, the kind people cannot forgive and forget for a time to come.

Ushna Shah

Currently Ushna Shah is appearing in two plays, Rubaru Ishq Tha and Balaa. Though we see a very quiet, almost withdrawn girl in Rubaru Ishq Tha, it is Ushna’s portrayal of Nigaar in Balaa that has made the play intriguing.

With 20 episodes into the drama serial, the plot revolves around Nigaar, who limps while walking and this physical disability turns her into a bitter individual. Her irritable and cynical character makes the lives of everyone around her miserable. She makes sure to get away with everything as her father, essayed by veteran actor Sajid Hassan, considers her the family’s lucky charm. She is the pampered one out of the two siblings and she never fails to take advantage of her physical disability. With this play, Ushna has once again proven that she delves deep into the soul of every character and that she is indeed a good actress who just needs stronger roles.

Sanam Chauhdry

We last saw Sanam Chauhdry as an antagonist Anji in Ghar Titli Ka Par that concluded recently. The actress is currently starring in three drama serials including Rubaru Ishq Tha, Haiwaan and Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Karta Hai.

Of the three drama serials, Sanam can once again be seen in a negative role of Ayaan in Rubaru Ishq Tha.

23 episodes have been aired so far and we know that Ayaan uses vicious means to get the love of her life Almeer (Danish Taimoor) who is in love with another woman called Salwa (Ushna Shah) and get married to her. However, things take a turn for the worst when Salwa’s father is murdered. Ayaan’s brother (Ali Abbas) covers her less-than-kind deeds in order to get Almeer. Sanam’s performance as Ayaan is commendable because as the selfish Ayaan, she has no room for empathy and that is hard to pull off.

Neelam Muneer

Starring in Dil Moum Ka Diya, Neelam Muneer essays the role of Ulfat. Though all the cast members are doing justice to their roles, it won’t be an overstatement to say that Neelum Muneer is doing a great job and is the heart of the serial.

21 episodes into the play, we learn that Ulfat is an over- ambitious and greedy girl who wishes to get everything in life and will not stop at anything to achieve her desired goals. Her father (Qavi Khan) marries her off to Afzal (Yasir Nawaz) who tries his best to keep his ambitious wife happy but despite all his efforts, Ulfat is ungrateful and uses manipulative ways to get away with everything. Ulfat is a self-centered and insensitive girl who leaves behind two children and asks Afzal to divorce her. Not only does she ruin her own marital life but proves to be the cause behind her cousin’s separation. Neelam is convincing, conniving and as an actress has our attention.

Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz has a number of diverse roles to her credit and can be currently seen in drama serial, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi in which she essays the role of garbage picking girl, Noor Bano. But, when it comes to negative roles, Iqra certainly has the knack for it. She proved as much when essaying the character of a conceited and greedy Naeema in drama serial Khamoshi. The play – that concluded earlier this year – was essentially about two sisters, Arsala (Zara Noor Abbas) and Naeema (Iqra Aziz), both of whom are in love with Atif (Affan Waheed). Atif is shown to be engaged to Arsala. Naeema, envious of this fact, uses manipulative ways to make sure she gets married to Atif.

Iqra Aziz portrays Naeema so well that as a viewer it became easy to hate her and that proves her ultimate acting prowess.