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Komal Rizvi collaborates with Indian singer Siddharth Slathia for ‘Chitta Chola’

Instep Today
By Asif Khan
Fri, 08, 18

The cross-border initiative consists of a mash up of four Punjabi classic songs, released just days before the Independence Days of India and Pakistan.

Komal Rizvi is back and recently released a road trip song, ‘Chitta Chola’ at an event where both the song and its video were unveiled.

Hosting the event, Komal spoke to the audience as well as the press in attendance and divulged, “‘Chitta Chola’ offers a classic, nostalgic tune in a contemporary fashion and the video of this fun mash-up is kept very simple as I believe that a video is a just a tool to promote the song.”

Directed by Komal Rizvi, ‘Chitta Chola’ is a simple, two-frame video that showcases both singers as they sing their parts rather nicely while the mash-up contains a total of four songs: ‘Mein Nahin Jana Khereyan De Naal‘, ‘Chan Mere Makhna‘ and ‘Chitta Kukkad‘.

Explaining the reason for covering four iconic songs, Komal spoke about the trend: “From such songs I actually pay tribute to our old melodies, which have contributed significantly to our lives.”

Komal Rizvi at the music launch

Reiterating her point, Komal noted, “I do release originals; just a few months ago ‘Hello Jee’ was released but at the same time I want to continue making such songs to keep our music scene revived.”

Speaking about how this collaboration between the two cross-border artists happened, Komal revealed: “We were engaged in a chat over the internet, discussing music and exchanging views, then suddenly our conversation shifted towards composing and making a song together. Since I have seen Sidharth’s work, I wasn’t at all skeptical and when we actually started working, I reposed my faith in him even further.”

The launch became special as Siddharth [from India] joined proceedings via internet. There were claps everywhere when the link established and a simple, smiling and blushing young artist appeared on the screen, waving to all those present. The singer stole hearts when he said in response to a question: “Pakistan aanay ka bohat mann hai” and that he was looking forward to it and sang on the occasion as well, to the surprise of those in attendance.

With music produced by Saad Hayat of (Mirage fame), the track has been released just days before the Independence Days of Pakistan and India to convey the message of peace through collective music and that is definitely the best part of this entire effort.