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Shuja Haider’s latest single highlights oppression of children

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Mon, 07, 18

Shuja Haider recently released a single called ‘Jeevan Daan’ accompanied by a music video that features Saba Qamar alongside four child artists. As stated by the singer-songwriter, the song is socially relevant and highlights issues concerning children and women.

Featuring child artists Rija Rizwan, Hamna, Momina and Aarib, ‘Jeevan Daan’ speaks of oppression of children and carries references to child abuse, child labour and child marriage. The video suggests how important it is to provide a peaceful and safe environment to children while they are being raised so that they grow up as strong individuals. Also, the song highlights women’s pride and dignity and that they should be treated with respect given their huge contribution to society at various levels.

Speaking to Instep in an earlier interview, Shuja Haider had said, “I don’t intend to raise any awareness with the song but just want to convey something important. Music is a language in which you can communicate to many out there. With this single, I aim to highlight that women’s pride and dignity should be maintained and, not just men, but society as a whole needs to understand this.”

With powerful lyrics and impressive performances, ‘Jeevan Daan’ manages to convey important social themes without getting preachy. The song features vocals and lyrics by Shuja Haider, the man behind the powerful Baaghi OST. The music video came out recently and has been directed by Shiraz Malik and produced by Muhammad Adnan Butt.