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Mehreen Jabbar returns to small screen with two Eid telefilms

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Fri, 06, 18

Two telefilms, Dino Ki Dulhaniya and Hum Chalay Aaye, directed by Mehreen Jabbar, aired during Eid holidays, and provided a much needed break from run of the mill TV plays.

Eid is all about festivities; whether it is food, family or fun, everything has special significance. Likewise, Eid special transmissions, particularly for those who don’t prefer going out to watch a movie, have enormous value. Plus, they are fun to watch during the festive season.

While multiple programs such as morning shows, sitcoms, telefilms and others air during Eid days, only a few tend to catch our attention. This Eid ul Fitr was no exception as two telefilms, Dino Ki Dulhaniya and Hum Chalay Aaye, which marked Mehreen Jabbar’s return to television after her big screen ventures, were shown on Geo TV on the first and second day of Eid, respectively, and had us interested.

The first one, the highly anticipated Dino Ki Dulhaniya, caught our eye as it featured Feroze Khan and Sana Javed, the most talked about onscreen couple these days. The two have won many hearts with their first project together, called Khaani that is currently on air and is constantly topping the ratings chart, while they will soon be seen in another upcoming TV play, Romeo Weds Heer.

Coming back to their recent telefilm, Dino Ki Dulhaniya, it was not only a fun watch but also carried important messages here and there without getting preachy. It starred Feroze as Dino, a twenty-something spoiled brat, closer to his character in Khaani (Mir Hadi), who is careless, irresponsible and just wants to spend a luxurious life with his grandmother’s money. However, knowing his non-serious attitude towards life, his grandmother, essayed by Shamim Hilaly, puts a condition on Dino that he needs to get married if he wants his share of the property. All he cares about his property and when none of his girlfriends agree to marry him, he hires an actress Noor, played by Sana javed, to play the role of his fake wife.

Contrary to what the two – Dino and Noor – had planned, dadi learns the truth soon after she visits them. She offers more money to Noor, hires her and asks her to behave the way she wants in order to teach a lesson to Dino and make him realize the importance of marriage and relationships. As Dino and Noor spend time together and begin to live in the same house, they end up falling for each other and get married.

Written by Dr. Younus Butt, Dino Ki Dulhaniya was a light hearted tale of two individuals, with hints of love, romance and some life lessons that young people these days need to realize. Such narratives are refreshing and offer a change of pace amidst clichéd and regressive stories that have been dominating our TV screens.

Another tongue and cheek, light hearted Eid telefilm was Hum Chalay Aaye that was written by Mohammad Ahmed and features a bunch of actors including Hina Dilpazeer, Madiha Imam, Marina Khan, Mohammad Ahmed and Furqan Qureshi.

It follows the story of two brothers whose wives don’t get along. The elder brother and his wife live in their family house while the plot is owned by the younger brother whose wife insists on shifting to that house. Once they step in the house, the two women, essayed by Hina Dilpazeer and Marina Khan, get into a series of arguments, each claiming their right to the property. However, things begin to change as their husbands and children make an effort to bring them closer and the two eventually leave their differences behind.

Hum Chalay Aaye is about family bonds and values and how important it is to stand by each other. This bond may shake due to some differences but in the end its family that matters the most. A budding love story amidst these issues adds some colour to the narrative while the arguments between the two women add sarcasm and comic relief to proceedings.

Director Mehreen Jabbar managed to add both humour and seriousness at the same time, offering meaningful narratives and good content to viewers this Eid.

Her next TV project, Dil Kiya Karey that stars Feroze Khan and Yumna Zaidi alongside an ensemble cast is set to go on air soon.