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Momina Mustehsan lends support to Taleem Do initiative

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Thu, 05, 18

It is quite heartening to see celebrities lending support to various social causes. Quite recently Coke Studio sensation, Momina Mustehsan, who has always been in the news for speaking up her mind about various issues, such as cyber bullying or depression, posted a picture on her official Instagram page supporting the Alif Alaan’s Taleem Do initiative. “#MeinTharparkarHoun is a moving documentary of the first science festival that recently took place in Tharparkar,” the singer and social activist wrote.

“With over 15,000 students attending from public and private schools, the festival played a role in igniting the curiosity of the students and teachers in maths and science that is now pushing the local education department to introduce reforms towards improving the quality of education,” she added.

According to her, Thar region is close to her heart and she gave her first earnings to help build wells in the Thar Desert. “#TaleemDo is a great initiative that is shedding light on the importance of education for the progress of any region and how this should be an important question to base your vote on in the coming elections,” she noted.

The singer is also a part of Coca Cola’s #EidiForEdhi #BottleOfChange campaign, along with celebrities like Sajal Aly, Ali Rehman Khan and Ali Sethi among others.