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Baydardi explores the issue of HIV

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Thu, 05, 18

It’s no news that Pakistani TV plays are attempting to highlight sensitive yet important issues prevailing in our society. From child abuse (Udaari), to child marriage (Mujhay Jeenay Doh) to the treatment towards transgender people (Khuda Mera Bhi Hai), the recent years have seen multiple dramas tackling such subjects. A recent addition to the list is Aiman Khan and Affan Waheed starrer Baydardi that talks about the sensitive and tough issue of HIV and how it affects those surrounding the victim.

The play started off with the story of a family that comprises two sisters and an elder brother who is married. One of the sisters kills herself after she is deceived by her love interest and this becomes a beginning of a series of problems for the family. The elder brother meets an accident soon after and is unable to continue with his job hence his younger sister Biyah (essayed by Aiman Khan) replaces him at the office. Biyah’s boss happens to be Shafay (Affan Waheed), who likes Biyah ever since he saw her for the first time at a different setting earlier. Shafay’s mother, played by Bushra Ansari, doesn’t like Biyah and isn’t happy with Shafay getting closer to her.

However, once she finds out that her son has been diagnosed with HIV virus, she agrees for his marriage with Biyah, despite knowing that this will take Biyah’s life too. Being a mother, all she cares about is her son’s happiness and what will make his life better before he dies.

In the latest episode that aired on Monday, Shafay’s mother takes him to Biyah’s house for marriage and in the promo for the upcoming episode we see that they get married. How will Biyah and Shafay react once they learn about Shafay’s condition, we’ll find out in the coming episodes.