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Is Mir Hadi actually exempted?

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Wed, 12, 17

Geo TV’s ongoing drama serial, Khaani is certainly making waves among fans and followers.

The latest episode of Khaani saw Mir Hadi’s (Feroze Khan) return from jail but it also hints that it’s not the end of his punishment.

Geo TV’s ongoing drama serial, Khaani is certainly making waves among fans and followers. Opening with the murder of Sarim, twin brother of Khaani, the drama builds on to the subject with ease, keeping viewers intrigued at the same time. Sarim has been murdered by Mir Hadi, essayed by Feroze Khan who brings his A-game to the fore with this role, beating all of his past performances.

The only son of a politician, Hadi kills Sarim out of anger and is put behind bars. However with power and politics leading the game, he forcefully manages to release from jail. But the latest episode, aired on Monday, suggests that he may be free from the charges but not from the heinous crime he has committed. We are seeing the human side of the merciless murderer (who previously wasn’t ashamed of his act) who has begun to feel the guilt and regret which is making him restless. He is moved by Khaani’s words and reactions on his power and freedom which is haunting him all the time. He even follows her to the graveyard when she visits her brother’s grave to talk her heart out.

While the episode ends here, the promo for the next one shows that he approaches her and is curious to know why she isn’t afraid of him despite his power. He cannot accept that a young, middle-class woman has the courage to stand up to him and demean him with her words if not anything else. On the other hand, Hadi’s parents are also scared to see their son changing because of that girl and fear that they won’t be able to control matters this time.

Directed by Anjum Shahzad and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, Khaani has managed to keep viewers’ interest sustained so far. Not to forget, powerful performances by Feroze Khan, Mehmood Aslam, Saman Ansari and others remain the highlight of the play. Whether it continues to be unusual in its treatment of plot and characters is yet to be seen.

Our biggest fear is that Khaani will walk the expected road and eventually forgive and fall in love with Mir Hadi. But this conclusion will be the story’s fall from grace, if it actually happens. We’ll have to wait and see…