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“Actors nowadays have an attitude problem” —Resham

Instep Today
By Manal Faheem Khan
Wed, 02, 17

This week Resham took social media by storm with her gorgeous presence in a fashion video by The Pink Tree, Mohsin Sayeed’s designer label.

What is wrong with celebrities today? It seems as though Resham
has a thing or two to say about social media stardom. 

This week Resham took social media by storm with her gorgeous presence in a fashion video by The Pink Tree, Mohsin Sayeed’s designer label. When questioned on why he chose Resham for the part, he earnestly replied: “Because Resham is the epitome of grace and beauty,” and we quite agree. Resham is one of those unique personalities who is becoming more and more graceful as the years go by and she possesses an uncanny calmness which is so difficult to understand and describe in the times we live in today. Where everyone else is in a rush or too busy trying to please people, Resham is unabashedly herself.

“I’m heading to a shoot now but we can talk for a few minutes,” said Resham politely when we called her unannounced in the middle of the day. One could imagine she was smiling when she spoke. “I couldn’t say no to Mohsin, he’s a very dear friend of mine. Also, people tell me that I’m not very visible on social media and nowadays that matters a lot, so I said yes.”

The actress sounded amused at the importance of social media and how it has become the driving force behind almost everything nowadays. “This is so new to me. Back when we started off, there was no such thing. You know, I only just made my Facebook page last year.” The actress exclaimed that this was her attempt at keeping herself updated with the world.

However, Resham doesn’t find social media management difficult at all. In fact, she believes that things in her days were far more difficult than how things are now.

“We grew up in hard times. Now there are so many resources and facilities available that are helping the industry. Back then, we had no TV channels, no social media. There used to be one ad placed in the newspaper that would announce that a film featuring Shaan and Resham will be hitting the screens, and the cinemas would be full!” She also finds it odd that actors nowadays travel all over the country, visiting schools and malls, in order to promote their film. “Even then they barely get people in the theatre. There have only been a handful hit films recently.”

But one thing that irks Resham the most is the way actors behave nowadays. “In our time, you didn’t just become a ‘film star’ overnight. It took time and effort to be taken seriously. We had to work very hard before we could be considered ‘stars.’ But people nowadays do one film and think that they are stars. Everything about them changes. They develop an attitude problem; you can even see it in their body language that they think that they are ‘it.’”

If there is anyone that can school our film stars today on how to behave, it’s Resham. Having spent a considerable amount of time in the industry, with numerous films under her belt, Resham is definitely someone that appeals to audiences across all age groups.

Before concluding the conversation, Resham also had some wisdom to impart regarding the way films are being made nowadays. “Films being made now are too slow paced. You cannot engage the audience if you give the film a slow treatment, it has to be relevant and interesting and quick. Films are looking like TV serials, where they move slowly and take their time in telling the viewer what’s going to happen next. There should be a difference between the two mediums.”

While Resham was a sight for sore eyes in her latest social media venture, we certainly do hope to see the graceful actress on the big screen too. In the meantime, stars of today, take note.