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Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles ‘set to live together’ in UK, report

A source confirmed that Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are 'completely committed to each other'

By Web Desk
October 07, 2022

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Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are set to live together in the U.K. full-time, it has been reported.

The Don’t Worry Darling director and the former One Direction band member are reportedly 'set to live together’ in London – after she has dropped hint to move with her two children.

Olivia, who shares her two children; Otis and Daisy with ex-Jason Sudeikis, reportedly visited a school in North London recently - suggesting she wants them enrolled there.

Olivia's children had been living with their father in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Olivia has been spending a lot more time with the Watermelon Sugar hit-maker in the U.K.

A source told The Sun, “Harry and Olivia are completely committed to each other and want to spend as much time together as possible.”

“Obviously they both lead very busy lives, with Harry spending huge amounts of time on tour and Olivia leading a successful career in film, as well as frequently flying out to see him,” the source noted.

The insider further added, “But the kids are always her first priority, so basing them in the UK is a viable option for their future, given she sees that with Harry, who wants to stay in London.”

“She has spoken to Jason about it because his say is important too as the kids's dad,” the insider stated.

The source continued, “It sounds like they have agreed London is the best place. Nothing has been signed and sealed yet but they are strongly considering the move.”

Olivia and Styles went public with their romance in January 2021, just three months after meeting for Don't Worry Darling.