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How to know if your dog has dementia?

Veterinary neurologist Dr Rose Peters says that six signs can hint toward canine cognitive dysfunction in dogs which can cause dementia

By Web Desk
August 29, 2022
A brown dog.— Unsplash
A brown dog.— Unsplash

A new study has shown that dogs can get dementia with age just like humans do, reported Web MD.

The study was conducted on 15,000 dogs and found that a little over 1% of dogs had canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) which causes the animal to develop symptoms like anxiety, sleep issues, and confusion.

The findings also revealed that the odds do getting CCD increased with age. Every additional year after the age of 10 increased the chances by 52%.

Veterinarians have been observing deteriorating memory in dogs and reduced cognitive abilities for a long time.

Dr Rose Peters, a veterinary neurologist said that dogs were not very different from humans, reported Web MD.

Peters said that six signs can hint toward CCD in dogs. She mentioned the acronym DISHAA which can helps companions remember the signs.

D stands for disorientation. The companions can observe if their dog gets lost in known places or stares at walls blankly with difficulty in navigating.

I stands for interaction. Dogs could get clingier and become irritable and less friendly.

S stands for changes in sleep. Sleep disturbances like sleeping during the day and restlessness at night can also hint toward CCD.

H stands for house-soiling. A dog may start staying indoors more.

A stands for activity changes. Less interest in playing could be a sign of CCD.

The last A stands for anxiety where the dog may show signs of separation anxiety and become afraid of outdoor activities.