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Marilyn Monroe’s death sparks debate around therapy and medication: Experts weigh in

Marilyn Monroe dies due to addiction and severe mental trauma

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August 08, 2022

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Marilyn Monroe’s sudden death had been a topic of concern for the entertainment industry as she was one of the first celebrities who died due to addiction and mental health issue.

Reportedly, the late actress had “a traumatic childhood” because of her schizophrenic mother and after she entered the industry, the beauty got addicted to drugs and alcohol that ruined her.

While speaking on Monroe’s addiction, a Texas psychotherapist working at Height Treatment shared, “There were some severe attachment issues for her. It made sense that she was medicating and trying to soothe her nervous system because it was probably never regulated.”

Although the late actress did go for psychological help at that time, the treatment differed from present time.

“What was common in the past were prescription medications,” revealed mental health experts.

Earlier, the therapists usually prescribed medications that actually created the “tsunami of addiction for present”.

It is pertinent to mention that most of the old celebrities died of drug addiction, they usually had a psychiatrist or a doctor who was right there, just prescribing them medication and nobody really around them to help these celebrities with mental health issues,” noted a psychologist.

Apart from Monroe’s addiction, another legend who died of drug overdose was Elvis Presley.

Health experts reflected that celebrities were considered as “performers and people wanted them to perform, which is why, these celebrities opted for heavy medications so they could just get going”.

Sadly, what people forget, is that celebrities are no “superhuman”.

“They struggle as normal humans do,” said experts.

Interestingly, six decades later after Monroe death, the talks around mental health and addiction had gained traction in Hollywood.

“It’s kind of trendy to have a therapist now. You can’t really do therapy if you’re so medicated. You have to be able to process your trauma and process what’s going on. So, a therapist would notice that,” added medical experts.