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Prince Harry ‘misses’ royal lifestyle with Prince William: Former butler

Prince Harry may be content with his life in the US alongside Meghan Markle, but his former butler thinks otherwise

By Web Desk
May 30, 2022

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Prince Harry may seem perfectly content with his life in the US alongside wife Meghan Markle, but his former butler seems to think otherwise.

In a recent chat with OK! Magazine, former royal butler Paul Burrell weighed in on Prince Harry leaving the UK for the US, saying that he believes Harry will soon want to return to the UK for good to his brother Prince William.

According to Burrell: “Harry’s going to need his brother one day. I think he will come back to this country with his tail between his legs. His brother will put his arms around him and say, ‘Welcome home, Harry.”

He went on to share how he thinks that Harry isn’t ‘totally happy’ and ‘misses’ Prince William.

“I think he’s missing his family. I think he’s missing his friends and the lifestyle he had here in England. I think he’s given everything up for Meghan and I don’t know how long he’s going to be able to live that life,” he said.

Burrell also opened up about what he thinks might be going on in Prince William’s head about his almost-estranged brother.

“He must think of Harry every single day. He’s his brother, he’s made of the same stuff. And they went through the same turmoil and tragedy. They only had each other to rely on really,” he said.