Friday May 20, 2022

Robert Pattinson spills 'The Batman' is loaded with ‘detective’ narrative

'The Batman' is slated to hit theatres on March 4, 2022

By Web Desk
January 22, 2022

Robert Pattinson revealed that his much-anticipated movie The Batman is widely based on the detective narrative.

During his recent conversation with MovieMaker Magazine, the Twilight star reflected on his first meeting with the film’s director Matt Reeves and how did he manage to rope in the star.

The Tenet actor recalled, “In the first meeting, he was saying, we want to lean into the ‘world’s greatest detective aspect,’ and be a detective noir movie.” (quoted Screenrant)

“You know, normally when directors say that, they just do like a mood board, and it’s just about the imagery. But I read the script, and it is! It’s a detective movie,” he continued.

“It happens all the time in the graphic novels, but it’s always kind of on the backburner in the movies,” added Pattinson.

The upcoming Dark Knight movie is expected to be different from previous instalments as its plot is heavily probing into the detective side of the Caped Crusader along with some fierce and huge action cuts.

The much-hyped movie is slated to hit theatres on March 4, 2022.