Thursday May 19, 2022

Prince Harry targeted for 'moaning' after UK security rejection

Prince Harry attempted for get security from UK police but was rejected by the Home Office

By Web Desk
January 16, 2022

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Prince Harry is being criticised and being accused of "moaning about something" just days into the new year.

Daily Mail Diary Editor Richard Eden took to social media to target the Duke of Sussex’s most recent attempt at trying to get security for his UK visit.

Speaking about the situation Richard wrote: “It seems appropriate that this is the first time we have heard from Prince Harry and #Meghan in 2022 and they're already moaning about something....”

It is pertinent to mention that the comment comes after Prince Harry was rejected by the Home Office to be granted security by the UK police even after offering to pay for it from his own pocket.

According to the legal representatives of the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry is "afraid" to return to UK with his family after it was ruled that he is not allowed to personally pay for police protection for himself, Meghan Markle and his children after the couple stepped down from royal duties.

The Queen’s grandson has filed for a judicial review against the Home Office decision.

Harry’s legal representatives have issued a statement which states: “Prince Harry inherited a security risk at birth, for life.

It further reads: “While his role within the institution has changed, his profile as a member of the royal family has not. Nor has the threat to him and his family.”

"The UK will always be Prince Harry's home and a country he wants his wife and children to be safe in. With the lack of police protection, comes too great a personal risk.”