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Supreme Court accepts Murtaza Wahab’s apology after ordering his removal

"Are you an administrator or a political leader?" asks an irate CJP Gulzar

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December 27, 2021
Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab. File photo
Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab. File photo

KARACHI: The Supreme Court of Pakistan Monday accepted Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab's apology after ordering his removal from the post following a heated argument during the hearing of a case relating to the Gutter Bagheecha case, Geo News reported Monday.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed had ordered Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah to appoint a “competent and unbiased” officer in his place.

CJP Ahmed got angry over Murtaza Wahab's response to the court's remarks over the case, saying that “the Karachi administrator is doing politics here. Get out [from the court].”

“Murtaza Wahab is not competent to be Karachi administrator,” stated the Supreme Court.

A two-judge bench headed by CJP Gulzar Ahmed took up several encroachment cases at the Supreme Court’s Karachi registry today. Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin Ahmed is the other member of the bench.

During today’s hearing, Justice Qazi Amin said: “These are state properties not your personal properties and must be returned. If we don’t take them back someone else will come and do the needful and you will have to do as told.”

Murtaza Wahab responded angrily to the bench: “Should we quit the government? Huge observations are passed against the government in open court hearings.”

To this, CJP Ahmed said, “Mister keep quiet. What are you talking about? Don’t play politics here. Get out, we will remove you right now.”

“Are you an administrator or a political leader? An administrator is appointed to serve the citizens so that he works in an unbiased manner,” he continued.

“The office of administrator is not for politics. Prima facie you have failed to fulfil your responsibilities. The attitude of the administrator is of a political leader and not of a man of service.”

After this, the CJP ordered the chief minister to appoint a new administrator for Karachi.

Murtaza Wahab apologises

Later, talking to the media, Murtaza Wahab said he will accept the decision of the court.

“I have apologised to the court. I was speaking in court with great respect. Courts must listen before giving a major verdict against someone.”

Wahab said he has a lot of respect for the courts, adding, “This court is my court.”

"To serve this country, this province and this city is a matter of honour for me and I will continue to do so if allowed."

Later, the apex court accepted the unconditional apology by Murtaza Wahab and allowed him to continue working on his post.

The bench ordered him to keep his office away from politics and discharge his duties beyond party lines.

“Fulfil your responsibilities without coming under political pressure and affiliation,” the chief justice remarked.