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Karachi woman who killed man before dismembering his body was drug addict, reveals police

On the night when the man was killed, the woman had consumed an excessive dose of ice

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December 13, 2021
Sheikh Sohails body (L) and the tools (R) recovered from his alleged murderer.
Sheikh Sohail's body (L) and the tools (R) recovered from his alleged murderer.    

KARACHI: The woman who brutally killed a 65-year-old man in Karachi before dismembering his body into pieces was an addict of crystal methamphetamine (ice), revealed police on Monday.

Sheikh Sohail, 65, was brutally murdered before being hacked to pieces in the Saddar area of Karachi by a woman on Friday. Police had arrived at an apartment on Abdullah Haroon Road in Saddar after receiving complaints of a human hand and other body parts being seen outside a flat. When the cops had arrived, they discovered a dismembered body of a man inside the flat, while the woman was "comfortably sleeping" in another room.

According to the investigation officials, Shiekh Sohail and the arrested woman, Rubab alias Asma, had tied the knot in 2013. Both the woman and her husband had been ice addicts for the past seven years.

On the night when the man was killed, the woman had consumed an excessive dose of ice, the police officials said, adding that a scuffle erupted between the couple when the woman slapped her husband. Meanwhile, the woman had struck to the head of her husband with an iron bar.

Later, she slit the throat and dismembered the other body parts of Shiekh Sohail, the investigation officials. A watchman had seen her when she threw the chopped hands of her husband outside the window. Meanwhile, she came out of her house, picked the human hands and went back into her house, the police officials added.

Woman allegedly kills 65-year-old man, dismembers his body parts

On December 10, a 65-year-old man had been allegedly murdered by a woman who claims to be his wife and dismembered his body into pieces.

When the cops arrived, there were bloodstains on the woman's hands and clothes, according to Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Zubair Nazir Sheikh. The woman, however, had denied she had murdered the man.

"All evidence points towards her [as the killer]," police had stated.

Police had recovered several tools from the woman's possession, according to SSP Zubair Nazir Sheikh.

He had said that police are still investigating the incident, adding that evidence is being collected from the crime scene.