Elton John asks for more ‘love and solidarity’ amid Global Citizen Live performance

Elton John issues plea for more ‘love and solidarity’ during his Global Citizen Live performance

By Web Desk
September 26, 2021

Singer and songwriter Elton John recently utilized his time on the Global Citizen Live stage to request for ‘love and solidarity’ ahead of his performance in Paris.

The statement is part of a vaccine equity campaign by the name of Go Give One, and it aims to offer developing nations open access to vaccine.

During his statement, he claimed, “I have spent most of my life fighting the AIDS pandemic, and we made great progress for two reasons: one, we've always followed the science, two, we've put our arms around everyone to make sure no one gets left behind.”

“These same lessons apply equally to the COVID pandemic. While most here today have been vaccinated against COVID, only four percent in Africa are. We must not leave anyone behind.” (sic)

Check it out below: