Seth Rogen exposes Emmys 2021 Covid-19 protocols

Seth Rogen takes a hilarious dig at the Emmys 2021 for its Covid-19 precautions ranging from no masks to no social distancing

By Web Desk
September 20, 2021
Seth Rogen exposes Emmys 2021 Covid-19 protocols

Seth Rogen, who presented at the Emmys 2021, did not hold back from taking a dig at the safety precautions observed in the show.

The Emmys was the first few award shows that witnessed normal in-person broadcasts since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The show saw only a few wearing masks and maintain social distancing.

This was pointed out by the host who said: "Let me start by saying there is way too many of us in this little room! What are we doing?" the actor said.

"They said this was outdoors! It’s not! They lied to us."

The comedian joked that the room he and the guests were seating was comparable to a "hermetically sealed tin."

"I would not have come to this," he said.

"Why is there a roof? It is more important that we have three chandeliers than that we make sure we don’t kill Eugene Levy tonight. That is what has been decided."