Queen Elizabeth ‘was wary’ of Prince Charles’ mentor from the start: report

Queen Elizabeth was reportedly wary of Prince Charles’ mentor right from the very start

By Web Desk
September 19, 2021

Queen Elizabeth has reportedly always been wary of Prince Charles’ mentor and has even ‘distrusts’ his intentions.

Royal author Andrew Lownie made this claim and during an interview with Express he admitted, “The Queen had known Mountbatten since she was a girl and relied on his advice when she first came to the throne in 1953 but she was always wary of him.”

He also went on to say, “Mountbatten made much of his closeness to the Queen but it is debatable whether she always took his advice.”

“He was regarded as pushy but useful so he was sent, for example, to recover royal artefacts and letters for the Royal Archives after the death of the Duke of Windsor.”

In regards to their personal relationship, Mr Lownie claimed, “Mountbatten was probably the single greatest influence on Prince Charles, who called him his ‘honorary grandfather'.”

“It was Mountbatten, who had no sons and vast experience of public life including being Viceroy of India, who took the future heir under his wing and taught him about his role.”