Tuesday September 28, 2021

Heavy rain causes leakage in roof of Peshawar's BRT underpass

There is no drainage system in BRT stations because of which rainwater has started accumulating in the underpass
March 23, 2021
Picture showing water dripping from the roof of the Peshwar BRT's underpass. Photo: Screengrab via Geo News.

PESHAWAR: The roof of Peshwar's Bus Rapid Transit's underpass has started leaking due to heavy rains. According to a report by Geo.tv, the leakage, together with the non-availability of a drainage system in the underpass, has led to the accumulation of water in the underpass.

A spokesman for Trans Peshawar said that the Peshawar Development Authority is working to fix the issue of leakage in the underpasses.

"It is the job of the Peshawar Development Authority to take care of the BRT's construction work," the spokesperson said, adding that  Trans Peshawar is only responsible for overseeing the operational affairs of the bus service.

"The Peshawar Development Authority is working on water leakage in the underpasses due to which Feeder Route 3, 5, 6, and 7 are temporarily suspended," the spokesperson said. "However, services on the BRT Central Corridor are running without interruptions."