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September 10, 2015

NAP will be intensified to improve security situation in Pakistan: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday said those elements spreading mischief in the name of Islam will be brought to justice.

Briefing the media today following the meeting earlier on the National Action Plan (NAP), Nisar said that it was decided to speed up and intensify NAP to improve the overall security situation in the country.

He informed the press that so far as part of Operation Zarb-e-Azab, around 11,000 intelligence based operations have been conducted.

Regarding the recent attacks on media personnel, the minister said terrorists do not have any enmity with the media, their purpose is rather to spread frustration and chaos.

The interior minister said, “We cannot claim complete victory yet, there is still time required.”

Nisar went on to say that several Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Pakistan were operating without authorisation and it is the responsibility of the federal government to monitor the international NGOs, adding that the responsibility of monitoring the local NGOs falls on provincial governments.

He said the purpose of this is to create a database of all the NGOs with the help of NADRA.

Regarding issuance of arms licenses in the country, the interior minister said that people have taken complete advantage in the name of ‘licensed arms’ and all such licenses will be thoroughly reviewed as well as computerised.

The minister went on to say that people in the country are operating ‘security companies’ as a facade for running big businesses. He said these companies do not provide training for their employees and neither do they offer insurance for their guards.

Nisar further said that seminaries across Pakistan will be registered in consultation with their leadership. He added that their leadership will be meeting with the federal government in the coming week.

He also said that the registration forms for seminaries will be kept simple and easy and that the standard curriculum of the country will be implemented in the curriculum of the seminaries.

Regarding the issue of ‘Cybercrime’ in the country, the interior minister said a lot has to be worked upon by the IT ministry.

Speaking about the Imran Farooq murder case, Nisar said the investigation has been completed in Pakistan and that according to the international agreement, all evidence has been shared with Scotland Yard.