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Does PM Imran earn enough to cover his household expenses?

The premier says his salary is not enough to cover even his household expenses — could that be true?

By Web Desk
January 21, 2020

Prime Minister Imran Khan told the business community on Monday that he cannot cover his household expenses from his salary.

He was presenting himself as an example while talking about the need for austerity during a meet and greet with business leaders.

“We have reduced the expenses of Prime Minister House by 40 per cent,” he told businessmen, adding that he was trying to 'change the culture' starting with himself.

“I live in my own home, pay my own expenses. My [official] salary is not enough to cover the expenses of my own household,” he had added.

So how much does PM Imran really earn, and is it enough to run a house?

According to a March 2019 report, there may be some truth in the PM's claims.

The prime minister reportedly makes less than federal ministers in his own cabinet and the provincial chief ministers.

“With a basic salary of Rs107,280, the premier is given Rs50,000 as a sumptuary allowance, an adhoc relief allowance of 21,456, an ad hoc allowance of 12,110 and an ad hoc relief of 10,728," as per his February 2019 salary slip.

After adding the allowances, the prime minister is entitled to a gross salary of Rs201,574 which is reduced to 196,979 after tax and other deductions.

In dollar terms,  that's  $15,610 per annum.

Is that enough to run a prime minister's household? You decide.

Prime Minister  of India, on the other hand, in 2015 earned an annual salary of $30,30o as per a media report