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CJP says Supreme Judicial Council will continue to work without any fear and pressure

Speaking about suo motu powers of the apex court, he said it would be used for issues of national importance only.

By Web Desk
September 11, 2019

Islamabad: Supreme Court Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa on Wednesday said the apex court as an institution sees the impression about  ongoing accountability process being political engineering a dangerous trend, according to Geo News.

Speaking at a ceremony which marked the new judicial year, he said "we are determined to play our role in accordance with the constitution and the law".

Speaking about suo motu power of the apex court, he said it would be used for issues of national importance only.

The TV channel reported that the CJP said   he was well aware of the fact that a section of society is not happy for  (court's) lack of interest in judicial activism. 

He said the same segment of society used to criticise the judicial activism a few months back.

The chief justice said  they appreciate the suo motu taken on the demand of some people. 

He said "decision has been made to put the house in order. We reckon to refrain from taking suo motu is more safe and less harmful".

He said at the beginning of last judicial year, the number of pending cases stood at 1.8 million which according to Law and Justice Commission has now dropped to a little over 1.7 million.

The chief justice said the president has the authority to order an inquiry into the conduct of a judge. 

He said the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) could not ignore such constitutional instructions.

He, however, clarified  that the complaint from the president could not influence the opinion of the SJC.

The chief justice said the body is conducting  its proceedings on the two references impartially. 

Justice Khosa said all the members and the chairman of the council continue to uphold their oath and  the SJC would continue  its  work without any fear, pressure and ill-intention.