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Modi says Congress speaking Pakistan’s language

As expected, Narendra Modi continue to drag Pakistan in his election campaign to achieve political gains for upcoming Lok Sabha polls 2019.

By Web Desk
April 09, 2019

Latur, Maharashtra: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his diatribe against Pakistan for political gains in upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

In an election rally in Maharashtra, Modi accused the main opposition party Indian National Congress of speaking Pakistan’s language.

Modi said the Congress’s election manifesto has promises that suit Pakistan’s position on Kashmir dispute.

“The Congress says Article 370 won’t be removed. The language of the Congress’s election manifesto is the same as Pakistan’s. They have promised to hold talks with chaotic forces just like Pakistan,” he said in Latur.

Congress is responsible for creation of Pakistan, Modi said.

He said the Congress’s manifesto to which he termed as ‘Dhakosala Patra’, also talks about diluting the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) which is what Pakistan wants.

Precisely what has been stated earlier he used the Balakot strike for wooing Hindu nationalist voters. Dedicate your votes to the “heroes of IAF strike” and “martyrs”, Modi said.